Energy Efficiency Adds Up

Reduced Maintenance + Enhanced Comfort + 19% reduction in quarterly energy costs + $4,272 in rebates = Happy Residents and Staff

The management team of Cap Sante Court, an independent living community in Anacortes, Wash., was tired of dealing with their 1980s’ boiler and its unreliability, energy waste and costly maintenance requirements. Facing what seemed like a difficult decision, they looked into available incentives from Cascade Natural Gas.

Cap Sante realized their decision wasn’t so difficult after all. They upgraded their property with two new energy-efficient boilers and three tankless water heaters and received a $4,272 cash incentive from Cascade Natural Gas. Their investment paid itself off right away with a 19-percent reduction in their quarterly costs when compared to the previous year.

Cap Sante’s facilities staff have embraced the new equipment. In addition to taking up less space, the new boilers and tankless water heaters don’t require constant and time-consuming maintenance. “Everyone is happy with our equipment upgrades,” says Pete Kovach, Acting Director, Cap Sante Independent Living Community. “The Cascade Natural Gas staff was very easy to work with and the incentives came very quickly.”

Equipment Installed
2 boilers for space heating
3 tankless water heaters

Energy Savings
1,827 therms annually
19% reduction in quarterly costs

Cash Incentive