Faith Based Organizations Go Green

Energy Efficient Faith Based Organizations


Saving the Earth is high on the list of stewardship for faith based organizations

That’s why many spiritual leaders are upgrading to energy efficient equipment; keeping operational costs down, lowering energy use and helping to lessen their impact on the environment.

Project Bottom-line Benefits

Our Lady Star of the Sea

  • $1,138 estimated annual gas cost savings
  • $2,000 Cascade Natural Gas cash rebate

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

  • $298 in estimated annual gas cost savings
  • $440 Cascade Natural Gas cash rebate


Cascade Natural Gas customers committing to sustainable practices include Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish and Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. These churches have taken advantage of Cascade Natural Gas’s Conservation program offering cash rebates for installation of qualified gas fired energy efficient equipment.

“We are conscious of energy consumption and we want to do our part to be as energy efficient as possible. Once we looked into the program we were pleased with what we found,” said Mary Snider from Our Lady Star of the Sea. Their congregation installed two different energy-efficient measures; a domestic tank-less instantaneous water heater and a high-efficiency condensing boiler.

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church also participated in the program installing a domestic tank-less instantaneous water heater. Cutting energy costs was a big factor in their decision to go energy-efficient according to Sharon Smith, Church Treasurer. “The water at the church is used sporadically and we wanted to lower our utility bills, so we felt that choosing an energy efficient water heater was the best route to go.”

Participating houses of worship are looking forward to prospective energy efficiency opportunities. According to Smith, “Currently, we are looking into installing a new furnace system for the whole church.”