Mega-savings at Megalodon Property Management

Equipment Installed
5 unit heaters
Insulation (wall, attic and roof)

Energy Savings
51,189 therms annually

Cash Incentive

From left, Monica Cowlishaw and Brandon Hutchinson of Cascade Natural Gas Corp., Bradey Day, Larry Hull of Megalodon LLC, and Don Jordan and Jodi Lee of Don Jordan Energy Systems, Inc., participate in a ceremonial check presentation for energy upgrades made to a warehouse in Yakima, Washington, September 11, 2018.

While there’s nothing comfortable about slamming and crashing into the walls of a roller derby track, the athletes on the Wine Country Crushers Roller Derby Team are now more comfortable than ever thanks to energy efficiency upgrades at their facility. Megalodon Property Management acted immediately when they noticed their many warehouses in Yakima, Wash., were too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer for their wide variety of tenants including fruit-processor Tree Top, tortilla maker Mission Foods and the aforementioned roller derby team.

Upon upgrading to five energy-efficient unit heaters and new wall, attic and roof insulation, the facility managers enjoyed reduced energy costs while tenants experienced an immediate improvement to their indoor comfort. “The upgrade has drastically improved the temperature and comfort in our facility,” said Wine Country Crushers Roller Derby Team facility manager Jeremy Sandino. “Our athletes have all commented on how much quieter and cool the building is during practices.”

Tree Top was particularly appreciative of the energy upgrades, as energy represents a large portion of a food warehouse’s operating costs. In addition
to saving significantly on their overall power usage, Tree Top has experienced a major improvement to temperature regulation and the overall appearance of their warehouse. “Warehouse appearance is very important in our industry,” said Tree Top warehouse manager, Tim Daw. “Our entire staff, including internal auditors, have commented on how improved the entire facility looks and how much more comfortable it is in colder weather.”

In addition to saving the warehouse complex 51,189 therms of gas every year, the new equipment came with a $222,792 cash incentive from Cascade Natural Gas. Along with gas savings, the warehouse upgraded their interior and exterior lighting and received incentives from their local electric utility Pacific Power. “The rebates are really helpful, and the improvements have increased our desirability dramatically,” said Megalodon’s owner, Larry Hull. “I see a real long-term benefit.” The owners plan to use some of their savings to purchase one or more Yakima historic buildings and integrate energy efficiency upgrades into their planning.