Red Lion adds energy savings to its list of amenities

Equipment Installed
1 tankless water heater
2 high-efficiency condensing boilers

Energy Savings
7,200 therms annually

Cash Incentive

red lion cascade natural gas energy efficiency case study

Red Lion Hotel – Hanford House

Red Lion is joining many lodging facilities across the region in taking steps to improve the overall performance of their facilities while reducing energy consumption. After learning the hotel could receive cash incentives from Cascade Natural Gas Commercial and Industrial program for high-efficiency gas equipment, it was an easy decision to install energy-efficient boilers and a tankless water heater.

In addition to providing comfortable accommodations for every guest, Red Lion Hanford House is also committed to operating as a responsible corporate citizen. While the $25,200 in incentives from Cascade Natural Gas helped reduce the project’s upfront costs, the new energy-efficient equipment also reduces utility costs and time spent on equipment maintenance. Red Lion Handford House expects to save on unexpected repair costs with the new equipment, allowing maintenance teams to focus on more significant capital improvements.

CNG provides incentives for eligible commercial customers installing qualifying equipment for laundry, kitchen, water heating, facility heating and retrofit insulation projects.

“There’s a lot of information on the CNGC website for different programs and incentives being offered and most people will be pleasantly surprised to see what’s available” said Gurbir Sandhu, managing member, Ignite Hotels.