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Cascade Natural Gas Corporation files natural gas rate adjustment in Oregon

Sep 15, 2016 – Cascade Natural Gas Corporation filed with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) at Salem, Oregon, revisions to Rate Schedule Nos. 177, 191, 192, and 193, which upon approval by the Commission will become effective November 1, 2016.

The rate adjustments proposed in this filing are designed to pass on 1.) changes in the cost of gas and transportation services paid by Cascade to gas suppliers and interstate natural gas pipelines, temporary differences in purchased gas costs, that occur over time, as a result of differences between the actual cost of gas paid by the Company and the amount allowed for in Core customer rates, and removal of certain technical deferral refunds that have expired; and 2.) changes resulting from the Company’s Conservation Alliance Plan.

The overall effect of the proposed rate adjustments on the monthly bill of a residential customer with consumption of 51 therms will be a net decrease of ($6.14) or (13.21%). For small commercial customers, the decrease in the monthly bill for consumption of 217 therms will be ($26.33) or (15.97%). Large volume core customers will experience an average decrease of (18.73%) depending on monthly volumes consumed. Large volume interruptible customers will experience an average decrease of (21.13%). Large volume non-core customers will experience an average increase of 1.16% for distribution service from Cascade depending on the monthly volumes consumed.


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