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Cascade Natural Gas Corporation Rate Cases and Pending Advice Filings

Cascade Natural Gas Corporation is a regulated utility under the jurisdiction of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) for the service it provides to Washington customers and the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) for the service it provides to Oregon customers. Each state’s regulatory commission must review and approve the Company’s terms and conditions of service as well as the rates it proposes to charge customers prior to approving them for use.

When the costs of providing safe and reliable natural gas service exceeds what customers are paying in rates, Cascade Natural Gas files a rate case with the applicable state regulatory commission asking for an increase in the amount it collects from all customers. The need to recover additional costs is often due to upgrading aging infrastructure and technology; meeting growing demand; and complying with state and federal regulatory requirements, such as environmental mandates.

The Company may make a more simple advice filing that changes a charge, fee or term of service.

The Company does not have authority to change any rate, fee, or term in its tariff book without approval of a state regulatory commission.