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Trade Ally

Cascade Natural Gas Conservation Trade Allies are pre-screened installation contractors who partner with the utility to deliver energy-efficient natural gas products to Cascade residential and business customers.

How do I become a Trade Ally?

  1. Complete and submit the Trade Ally Application above.
  2. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed for approval. If approved, you will receive a welcome packet and your company information will be displayed on the program website. If additional information is required for approval, we will contact you for clarification.
  3. Start growing your business by helping your customers within the Cascade Natural Gas territory save energy and money.

Note: Trade Allies must submit at least 5 rebate applications a year to maintain an Active status. Inactive Trade Allies do not need to reapply for active status, only submit 5 rebate applications a year.

Why Apply?

Cascade Natural Gas provides participating Trade Allies with sales and marketing training, enhanced Conservation Incentive Program tools designed to drive sales of high efficiency natural gas equipment, and increased customer connections generated through its robust contractor referral program. View our Trade Ally Directory. As an Active Trade Ally you will have access to:

Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally DetailsThe home and business owners who visit the Cascade Natural Gas’ Conservation Corner website are highly motivated to make energy efficiency improvements. Cascade Natural Gas provides Active Trade Allies with customer leads in two ways:

Active Trade Allies will be eligible to receive customer leads or referrals resulting from Cascade customer requests generated through the Trade Ally Directory or inquiries received through the Conservation Incentive Program call center.

To list your company in the Trade Ally Directory, complete the Trade Ally Application.

Existing Trade Allies can update their company listing, online by logging in here, contacting the Conservation Incentive Program call center at 866-626-4479, or by emailing the Cascade Trade Ally Program Coordinator.

Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally DetailsCascade Natural Gas provides Active Trade Allies with Training Scholarship reimbursement funds to offset a portion of training exam and certification costs for professional workforce development from recognized training and certification providers or for conferences which confer Continuing Education Credits (CUEs) for certifications. This may include, but not be limited to, exams and certification provided through Building Performance Institute (BPI) and North American Technician Excellence (NATE), Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS), etc. Trade Allies choosing to participate in the Training Grants / Scholarship program may receive up to $750 reimbursement from Cascade Natural Gas for attending pre-approved trainings relevant to the Conservation Incentive Program. Reimbursement will be provided following the receipt of a paid-in-full invoice from the training facility.

Active Trade Allies can log in to download the reimbursement form.

Note: Active Trade Allies have the option of participating in either the Training Grants / Scholarship or Bonus Coupon Programs, but not both.

Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally DetailsCascade Natural Gas provides Active Trade Allies with marketing funds to increase sales through participation in the Cascade Natural Gas Conservation Incentive Program. Reimbursement is up to $750 per Active Trade Ally, per year, for pre-approved placements. Cooperative marketing placement must be completed and reimbursement form submitted within 60 days of pre-approval. Funding is limited and will be dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The marketing and/or advertising materials must include the Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally logo and should specifically mention Conservation Incentive Rebate Program qualified natural gas equipment.

Some examples of co-branded marketing materials are: calendars, tri-fold brochures, posters, print ads, fliers, magnets, lawn signs, digital ads, post cards, pull-up banners and more.

Active Trade Allies can request the Reimbursement Request Form by contacting:

Sheila McElhinney
Trade Ally Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Cascade Natural Gas provides Active Trade Allies with access to quarterly webinar trainings on industry best practices in sales, marketing, and business development and ongoing program updates and marketing tools to increase sales through participation in the Cascade Natural Gas Conservation Incentive Program. These seminars typically run from 60-90 minutes and feature industry experts and leading contractors who share their expertise and experience on important topics related to operating a successful contracting business in today’s marketplace.

Active Trade Allies can log in to view the upcoming and archived training webinars.

Trade Allies receive the Trade Ally Newsletter highlighting conservation program updates, case studies on contractor implementation and marketing best practices.

Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally DetailsHome and business owners who visit the Cascade Natural Gas website are highly motivated to make energy efficiency improvements. All approved Trade Allies will be listed in the Cascade Website Trade Ally Directory. This will provide homeowners and businesses with a convenient list of contractors servicing their community that can assist them with energy efficiency upgrades, obtaining Cascade incentives and taking advantage of other benefits offered to participants through the conservation program.

To list your company, complete the online Trade Ally Application.

Active Trade Allies are authorized to use the Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally logo consistent with the following usage guidelines:

  • Trade Ally must submit all proposed materials using the Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally logo for review and approval by Cascade.
  • Trade Ally shall discontinue all use of the Cascade Trade Ally logo upon written notice from Cascade Natural Gas or upon Trade Ally discontinuance as a participant in the Cascade Conservation Incentive Program.
  • Trade Ally may use the logo in connection with and solely for the purpose of promoting the Cascade Conservation Incentive Program.
  • Trade Ally may use the Trade Ally logo on material that involves natural gas, and/or natural gas equipment only.
  • The Trade Ally logo must be sized so that all text in the logo is readable.
  • No aspect of the Trade Ally logo may be changed by the Trade Ally.
  • The Cascade Natural Gas logo may not be used in conjunction with any other utility or company other than the Trade Ally without authorization from Cascade.

Active Trade Allies can email [email protected] to request a copy of the Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally logo.

View/Download the Residential HVAC & Weatherization Manual

The Cascade Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) Trade Ally Best Practices Manual provides relevant information and clear direction to make your job easier while further increasing the energy efficiency of your customers’ homes.

The weatherization specifications for windows, insulation, air sealing and duct sealing are only for retrofit projects applying for Cascade Natural Gas (CNG) incentives and are not intended to address new construction or remodeling projects. New construction homes are eligible for high efficiency space heating improvements and energy certification programs. CNG requires all rebate eligible upgrades to be installed by a Washington licensed and bonded contractor and/or a participating Trade Ally (depending on the measure). The incentive will be paid after completion and verification of the energy-saving measure(s) and submission of all required documentation.

Please reference the latest tariff and Terms and Conditions when utilizing CNG rebates. Specific rebate requirements are referenced in this manual and were accurate at the time of publishing (Mar 2019), however, visit our website to ensure the most recent requirements are satisfied. Take this chance to begin to familiarize yourself and your crew with these recommended specifications. This information can be found on the CNG website at

The EEIP team will continue to work to ensure the use of the new manual is as simple as possible for you and your company. Please note it is not all inclusive and is intended as a guideline to addressing frequent installation situations. Please contact our Trade Ally coordinator at 1-866-626-4479 with any questions about this guide or if you are interested in becoming a participating Trade Ally.

Click below to download a PDF of the Washington Department of Commerce’s Combustion Safety Test Report and Blower Door Diagnostic Test Report. Both are a requirement for submitting any Residential Air Sealing rebates. Please call 866-626-4479 if you have any questions.