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Understanding Your Bill

Understanding your bill

For an explanation of any part of Cascade’s bill format, just click on that specific section.

Front of Bill Example

Back of Bill Example

To see explanations for specific charges and credits listed on your bill, please visit our Rates and Tariffs page.

1. Customer Information
Here you will find the name listed on the account, as well as the service address, where natural gas is delivered.

2. Account Number
This area contains your account number, the bill date, the amount due, and the date payment is due.

3. Account Summary
This area provides a summary of your account: your previous balance, previous payment, current balance, total amount due, and the due date of your next payment.

4. Cascade’s Contact Information
Use the information here to contact us, to report an emergency and to get answers to all of your billing and customer service questions.

5. Gas Charges
This area gives a detailed listing of natural gas service charges, including your consumption, the most recent meter reading, days in the billing cycle and the applicable rate schedule. Learn How to Read Your Meter.

6. Usage History
This graph shows up to a 13 month comparison of your historical natural gas consumption.

7. Bill Remittance Stub
Return this portion of the new bill to Cascade in the envelope with your payment. When mailing your payment, please make sure the address on the remittance stub shows through the window on the return envelope.

8. Winter Help
This area allows you to donate to the Winter Help Program. Cascade’s Winter Help Program assists our low-income customers pay part of their energy costs. To make a tax-deductible contribution to this program, simply enter the amount of the contribution on this line and add that amount to your payment.

9. How to Pay Your Bill
This section of the bill provides information about the various bill payment options available to Cascade customers.

10. Billing Terms
Important billing terms and definitions that are useful for understanding your bill can be found in this area.

11. New Address or Phone Number
If your contact information has changed, please complete this section and send it to Cascade with your payment.

If you have questions about the bill format, please contact Cascade Natural Gas at 888-522-1130.