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Energy Efficiency

Why Energy Efficiency?

At  Cascade Natural Gas we operate efficiently to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our environmental goals are:

  • To minimize waste and maximize resources;
  • To be a good steward of the environment while providing high quality and reasonably priced products and services; and
  • To comply with or surpass all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements.
Cascade Natural Gas Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Oregon Customer?

Reduce Energy Use And Apply For Rebates Through Energy Trust Of Oregon.
Energy Trust Of Oregon Offers Several Low- And No-cost Options For Saving Energy And Money.

Energy Trust of Oregon has extended the deadline to December 01, 2022 for customers to submit projects to receive the commercial gas bonus. Learn more here.

Cascade Natural Gas Savings

Washington Customers: Visualize Savings Made Simple

Cascade offers cash rebates to customers to purchase energy-efficient natural gas equipment and measures. Learn how these conservation rebates and community partnerships are making a difference for real customers.

Note: When applying for a rebate, allow eight to twelve weeks for us to process your Washington residential incentive applications.

Success Stories