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ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager helps businesses and building owners measure and track their energy consumption. It is an interactive resource management tool that enables you to track and assess energy and water use across your entire portfolio of buildings … all in a secure online environment.

More importantly, it is the chosen tool to comply with Washington’s Clean Buildings Bill. It can help you implement every step of your energy management program, from setting a baseline and identifying which buildings to target to setting goals and tracking improvements.

Building owners, operators and energy managers can request benchmarking energy usage below. Cascade can provide monthly aggregated/whole-building usage for the gas meter numbers requested. We will initially provide up to 24 months of historical gas usage prior to the request date, and then regular monthly usage after each billing cycle. If the gas account has been active less than 2 years, the available number of billing cycles will be provided.

Using Portfolio Manager

You will need the following account information to use Portfolio Manager:

  1. Site address
  2. All meter number(s) and account number(s)
  3. The primary account contact name and email address
  4. Setup your Portfolio Manager account by visiting the ENERGY STAR website at Benchmarking starter kit for Portfolio Manager.

Establish Your Benchmark

Request your natural gas usage:
View our CNGC Portfolio Manager How-To Guide for Customers

  1. Have your site address, meter numbers and account numbers ready
  2. Connect with Cascade Natural Gas in Portfolio Manager by following our How-To Guide.
    • When setting up meters, Cascade will rename the Natural Gas Meter Name after Sharing in Portfolio Manager has been established for automated data uploads.
  3. After a connection request has been sent, email [email protected] and request a Cascade Utility Data Release Form. Please inform staff of a pending connection request.
  4. Return the Cascade Utility Data Release Form to [email protected] and once a connection is established, share the properties you would like gas usage for by following our How-To Guide.
  5. Cascade will provide up to 24 months of historic usage to the meters shared. Your usage will be uploaded within 5 business days, then will automatically update on each billing cycle. Please check Portfolio Manager in the first 2 weeks to confirm correct upload integration.

Email questions or concerns to [email protected]


Tools and Resources

  • Access your Cascade Natural Gas Account by logging in to Online Account Services.
  • Energy Efficiency Commercial Incentives
    • Improve your energy score by upgrading the energy efficiency of your building. To take advantage of further energy efficiency savings and rebates, visit our Commercial Rebate Offerings page to see our latest incentives for new energy efficient upgrades.