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Residential Energy Solutions

From the cozy warmth of a gas fireplace to cooking the perfect omelet over the flame of a gas stove, gas delivers the many small comforts that make life a little richer. Clean, energy-efficient natural gas. The comforts of home at a fraction of the cost of electricity.Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below to get more information about appliances or services.

Billing rights and responsibilities

Each customer receiving services from Cascade Natural Gas Corporation has certain rights and responsibilities regarding billing and payment for our services.

A detailed version of the Rights and Responsibilities is listed below for each state:

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

Programs are available to help low-income households pay part of their energy bills. Find out more…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is natural gas available at my home?

Simply contact our customer service center at 888-522-1130. A Cascade representative will let you know how close natural gas is to your location.

How do I get a Bill/Payment History?

Cascade offers Online Account Services. Once enrolled, you can log in to your Cascade online account quickly and securely access your account information.

Will my yard be dug up when they install the gas lines?

Installation can often be done with minimal impact on your lawn or property. Our construction crews are very sensitive to your property and are careful to return the site to its original condition.

When is my meter read?

Cascade Natural Gas goal is to read meters as close to every 30 days as possible. Weekends and holidays may add a day or two to the read dates. Occasionally, it may be necessary to estimate your meter reading due to weather, access, or other reasons. If your meter reading is estimated, the reason will be stated on your bill. All estimates are based on the average monthly consumption for a three-year period if available.

How much will it cost to have natural gas installed?

It depends on the distance your home is from the gas main, the natural gas appliances you select and other factors. New construction homes with open trenches may have little or no cost. Contact our customer service center at 888-522-1130 for more information on bringing natural gas to your home.

How much money can I save by converting to natural gas?

See the cost comparison for your area on our Rates & Services page.

How much will appliances cost?

The price will vary with the model, style, and contractor. We recommend you contact several HVAC dealers in your area for bids.

What is the Field Visit Charge?

This charge covers a portion of the cost associated with sending an employee out to read the meter and issue a closing bill when service is disconnected.

How can I get natural gas to my home?

Review the information on our Start, Stop, or Transfer page. Then contact a HVAC dealer to choose the right equipment for your home. Learn more about converting to natural gas.

Can propane appliances be converted to natural gas?

Many propane appliances can be easily converted at a low cost. Consult your contractor about converting your propane appliances to natural gas.

Does Cascade Natural Gas Corporation install natural gas appliances?

An independent HVAC dealer/contractor will install the indoor gas piping and the appliances you select. Cascade Natural Gas will install the underground piping up to and including a meter on an outside wall of your home.

How soon can I get natural gas service to my building?

Contact our customer service center at 888-522-1130 to check the schedule. While natural gas can be installed virtually any time of year, it’s best to do it before the winter heating season begins. Of course, the sooner you install natural gas, the sooner you’ll start saving money and enjoying the many other benefits of natural gas.