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Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP)

Cascade Natural Gas Corp. routinely evaluates and prioritizes risks to validate the integrity of the distribution gas pipelines so they continue to be operated in a safe and responsible manner without interruptions.

In order to keep up with state and federal laws, CNGC has identified sections of pipe for replacement based on physical and operation & maintenance components.

These type of replacement projects are not new, since 2020 CNGC has successfully replaced sections of main and services in the following cities.

Main (LF.) Services (EA)
2020 Oregon    
Bend 4845 101
Anacortes 27350 229
2021 Oregon    
Bend 567 9
Anacortes 4800 24
Shelton 10663 57
2022 Oregon
Baker City 33880 557
Bend 2207 44
Shelton 7686 72
2023 (NEW) Oregon
Baker City 43510 628
Kelso 23700 86
Shelton 21500 274


Below are links to the DIMP replacement projects that may affect CNGC customers this year.