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General Commercial Service

Energy Costs can be one of the major factors in a company’s decision to expand or relocate its operations. At Cascade Natural Gas, we commit to providing our customers with the most cost-effective, clean, and efficient energy source for their business needs.

Cascade assists commercial and industrial businesses with solutions to their energy needs, by providing a number of specialized services including customized cost modeling and comparisons to alternate energy sources.


Industrial services

At Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, we have a tradition of helping industrial customers that goes back more than 50 years. We offer expertise in three key areas – distribution services, upstream capacity services, and gas supply services.

Industrial service is available to customers engaged in a process, which creates or changes raw or unfinished materials into another form or product. Cascade offers distribution service of natural gas to Core Market and Non-Core Market customers, from the city gate to the customer’s facility:

  • Core Market Customer
    A customer who purchases bundled gas services from Cascade under one tariff that includes gas supply, distribution services from Cascade, and pipeline transportation services.
  • Non-Core Market Customer
    A customer who purchases unbundled gas services. A non-core customer purchases distribution services from Cascade and purchases gas supply and pipeline transportation services separately.

Required Information for Meter Install

  • Has the Service line been installed?
  • Is this a Residential or Commercial Property?
  • Subdivision Name, Lot & Block Number
  • Has the Pressure Test been complete?
  • Permit Number#?
  • Has the Pressure Test been inspected or tagged by the City/County/State?
  • Has the house piping been tied to the meter bar?
  • Is it level?

You will need to be able to verify the gas appliances and individual BTU loads listed on Premise Characteristics.

  • Have there been any additions or deletions to the gas equipment that we should know about?
  • What is the name and contact phone number of the contractor/heating dealer or customer for us to contact regarding any other questions?
  • Is the Address visible from the street?
  • Do we have clear access to the meter set location?

Code Ordinances

The State Building Code Council (SBCC) has voted to approve changes to the State Building Codes that will typically prohibit the use of natural gas space and water heating in commercial development, and is considering proposals that would also significantly limit natural gas use in residential construction. For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Natural Gas for the 2021 WA State Energy Code.

Commercial Credit Application

To facilitate the application process for Commercial gas service, please complete and return our Commercial Credit Application within 10 days. Applications can be returned by the following methods:

Mail to:
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation
Attn: Credit Department
Po Box 5603
Bismarck, ND 58506-5603

(888) 649-9912

Email (forms must be filled out in their entirety, signed, and scanned):
[email protected]

Oregon Wildfire Displacement Protection

In the event a Cascade Natural Gas Oregon customer is under a level 2 or 3 evacuation notice due to wildfires, Cascade will enact a moratorium on the disconnection of service for non-payment on the day the evacuation order is established through the day after the order has been lifted.

A customer who has been disconnected for non-payment within the 72 hours prior to a wildfire evacuation order may request service be reconnected after the order has been lifted. Cascade will make every effort to reconnect the customer.