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Rates and Tariffs

For the convenience of our customers, Cascade’s tariffs are made available here. The tariffs posted here are approved by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) and the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) and are the effective rates, rules and regulations of this company.

Cascade seeks to keep this information accurate and current, however, the official tariffs actually in effect, are on file with the respective regulatory Commission. Copies of the official tariffs are also available in each of Cascade’s business offices.

0 - Title Page301 - Low Income Weatherization Incentive Program
Index302 - Commercial Industrial Conservation Program
Legend of Symbols303 - Washington Energy Assistance Fund (WEAF) Program
1 - General Rule500 - Tax Addition Schedule
2 - Definitions Rule503 - Residential Service Rate
3 - Establishing Service504 - General Commercial Service Rate
4 - Customer Deposits and Other Security505 - General Industrial Service Rate
5 - Disconnection and Reconnection of Service511 - Large Volume General Service Rate
6 - Billings and Payments570 - Interruptible Service Schedule
7 - Meters Rule581 - Protected-Plus Excess Deferred Income Tax (edit) Reversals
8 - Extension of Distribution Facilities Rule582 - Unprotected Excess Deferred Income Tax (edit) Reversals
10 - Customer-owned Facilities583 - Temporary Federal Income Tax Rate Credit Rate Adjustment Schedule
13 - Company Responsibility590 - Temporary Gas Cost Amortization
14 - Customer Responsibility593 - Washington Energy Assistance Fund (WEAF) Program Cost Recovery
15 - Force Majeure Rule594 - Decoupling Mechanism Adjustment
17 - Order of Priority for Gas Service595 - Temporary Technical Adjustment Schedule
18 - Limitation of Service Rule596 - Conservation Program Adjustment
19 - Purchase Gas Cost Rule597 - Cost Recovery Mechanism
20 - Unbundled Distribution System Transportation Service Rules663 - Distribution System Transportation Service Schedule
21 - Decoupling Mechanism
200 - Various Miscellaneous Charges
300 - Residential Conservation Incentive Program

State Agencies

Pending Tariff Changes

Washington Pending Tariff Changes


Integrated Resource Plan

Cascade Natural Gas files an integrated resource plan (IRP) that outlines its plan to meet future demand. For additional details:

For Washington, click here.
For Oregon, click here.