Firehouse Chief Radiant Over Savings

Equipment Installed:

  • 15 Radiant Heaters
  • 2 Domestic Hot Water Units

Energy Savings:

  • 5,726 Therms (estimated annually)

Cash Incentive:

  • $21,070

Bob Gear, fire chief in Pasco, WA worked with CNG and other partners to install radiant heating and hot water units at two new stations. “CNG has been a great partner in this building and construction phase, helping us with rebate programs and information about different alternatives to mechanical and electrical options that will make our buildings more energy efficient” said Gear.

It was important during the construction and planning phases that the architects and building partners consider eastern Washington winter weather. Pasco is at the perfect freezing temperature and that can make getting in and out of the station difficult as snow and ice can build up on fire trucks, ladders and hoses. This presents a problem if another call came in because the station would have to wait for everything to melt before they could leave. Installing radiant heating became the solution the station was looking for. “The ability to come back into the station with radiant heat and warm that mass of that ambulance or that mass of that fire truck and dry that off, was just great” said Gear.

The radiant heaters help warm up the station at a faster rate, helping thaw the equipment. Plus, the station doors open and close several times a day when the trucks go in and out so there is a large air exchange that the radiant heaters help with.  This warming effect keeps firefighters and their equipment warm, even with large bay doors that frequently open in cooler months.