Shelton, Washington | Shelton Pipeline Replacement Project | Phase 4 Section 2-4

Approximate Start Date: April 4, 2022

Cascade Natural Gas Corp. will be replacing existing natural gas mains and services in the city of Shelton, WA in 2021. The entire project is expected to take approximately five to six months depending on weather conditions and any other unanticipated delays. However, work at specific properties may take only one week. The project will only require a short interruption to your gas service. A CNG representative will contact affected customers to schedule a brief shut off and relight of appliances.

Damage caused to customer property during gas facility installation such as excavated holes in lawns, sidewalk panel replacement, and holes cut in blacktop or concrete will be restored at no cost to you.  We will only restore areas impacted by the project, and will not reimburse or issue utility bill credit if you choose to restore your property on your own or hire a contractor to do so.  However, it is always an option to perform your own restoration.

If you have questions or concerns about the project please call 888-522-1130.

See the outlined area on the map below for more detail on streets affected. Use CTRL + scroll on the map for a closer view.

Shelton washington pipeline replacement project