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State of Natural Gas in Oregon

Cascade is committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy for our communities in Oregon. However, there are active efforts in our state to limit the use of natural gas for homes and businesses including:

  • Organized Campaigns
    • Coordinated efforts are taking place to pursue electrification. Messaging is mobilized through a sustained presence in rulemakings, regulatory proceedings, code discussions, and through letter writing and signature campaigns.
  • Redefining Energy Efficiency
    • The Energy Trust of Oregon has modified its long-standing fuel neutrality policy to allow fuel switching from natural gas to electricity.
  • Local bans
    • Supporters of electrification have coordinated with local governments and municipalities to encourage restrictions, or outright bans, of the use of natural gas.

Bend/Deschutes County Voters Support Role for Natural Gas in Region’s Clean Energy Future

In April 2023, Cascade reached out to independent pollster, DHM Research of Portland to conduct a survey to better understand community perspectives on Cascade’s role in a decarbonized future. The results demonstrate that Bend and Deschutes County voters overwhelmingly oppose banning natural gas, and instead want to see continued innovation in natural gas efficiency and decarbonization technologies.

More information on the polling results can be found in the following Bend and Deschutes County summaries.

If you have concerns about policies that restrict energy choice, you’re not alone.

A Pew Research Center poll taken at the end of January 2022, also found that most Americans would like the country to support a diverse mix of fuels to heat and power their homes.[1]

Whether or not you support continued energy choice, it’s important that all voices are heard regarding our state’s energy future. Stay informed by logging into your Cascade Natural Gas online account and make sure you are opted-in to receive periodic Company & Industry News via email.

You can also get directly involved in preserving your energy choice through the NW Coalition for Energy Choice.


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