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Bellingham Climate Action Efforts

Bellingham, Washington

Cascade believes it takes all of us working together to lower our carbon impacts. Our company is actively seeking opportunities to support biogas efforts in the Bellingham community, and to work toward the expanded growth of our energy efficiency efforts.

Since 2010, Cascade has based its Energy Efficiency Department in Bellingham. We appreciate being rooted in a community committed to environmental innovation. In May 2018 the Bellingham City Council passed a resolution to create the Climate Task Force (CTF) to develop recommendations to achieve accelerated 100% renewable energy targets, considering financial, technological and societal challenges resulting from such a transition.

The resulting recommendations from the CTF include the elimination of natural gas space and water heating equipment in existing homes and buildings upon replacement by 2040 (or sooner); disallowing the use of natural gas in new homes and buildings by 2035; mandatory generation or purchase of renewable energy to offset 50% of usage; and weatherization for all homes, rentals, and commercial buildings built before 1990.

The CTF recommendations are broad and have enormous potential cost implications for the community. CTF’s complete report can be found on the city’s website.

Cascade Natural Gas has actively sought to participate since 2018 and will continue to pursue a collaborative approach to greenhouse gas emissions that promote energy efficiency as the least cost, most readily available, option for reductions while also supporting our obligation to serve the customers in a prudent and cost-effective manner. We are concerned that the CTF recommendations were developed without adequate input from the community, expert analysis or consideration of fiscal impacts to the city and residents. Cascade’s full analysis of the CTF’s final recommendations can be found here.

The challenges associated with climate change impact us all. Cascade understands the importance of working with the communities we serve to maximize conservation opportunities and to seek low carbon pathways with the delivery of natural gas. We will continue to do all we can to lower our carbon footprint while continuing to deliver reliable, affordable energy to the Bellingham community.