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Cascade Natural Gas is proud to be actively exploring and implementing viable Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) opportunities. These projects are part of our company’s decarbonization efforts which will help us support our communities’ environmental priorities. More information can be found below:

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas captures naturally occurring methane and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, dairies, aggregated food waste, and other emissions sources which would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere. Because RNG is made from captured emissions, it offers the double benefit of mitigating waste and providing an alternative to more GHG intensive fuels.

Why is Cascade Investing in RNG?

Cascade Natural Gas is making investments in RNG to help reduce our carbon impacts while meeting our obligations under Oregon’s Climate Protection Program and Washington’s Climate Commitment Act. This is one of multiple avenues we are pursuing to support decarbonization.

How Much RNG is on Cascade’s System?

Today, Cascade Natural Gas has RNG projects under contract that will put more than 1 million MMBtu/year into the company’s system. These RNG projects will displace the equivalent of 17,120 residential customers’ annual natural gas usage based on average customer consumption. We anticipate the amount of RNG added to our system will continue to grow as additional projects are identified.


Here are some projects Cascade is actively supporting in Washington and Oregon. We will provide additional updates and project highlights as these efforts continue to progress.


• Cascade is partnering with SEV Burnham Pasco, LLC and the City of Pasco, Washington, to support RNG production created from food processing wastewater at the City’s Process Water Reuse Facility (PWRF). The industrial water treatment facility currently receives wastewater from six food processors with a seventh processor connecting as a part of this project expansion. Cascade will build the pipeline and interconnection facilities to inject the RNG directly into its pipeline system in Pasco.

• Cascade has partnered with developer Pine Creek RNG, the City of Richland, Washington, and Lamb Weston on a combined project to support RNG production from Richland’s Horn Rapids Landfill Facility and an agricultural biomass digester at a nearby Lamb Weston facility in Richland. Cascade executed a long-term offtake contract and will build the pipeline and interconnection facilities for each facility to inject the RNG directly into its Richland distribution system.

• Cascade and Divert, Inc., a national firm specialized in the handling of industrial waste, partnered to site an RNG facility in Longview, Washington. Divert will be aggregating food waste from about 100 chain groceries and processing it into RNG. Cascade is constructing the pipeline and interconnection facilities to inject the RNG directly into its Longview pipeline system.


• Cascade was the successful RFP candidate for Deschutes County’s Knott Landfill Gas Utilization Project in Bend, Oregon. Deschutes County and Cascade have executed a long-term agreement whereby Cascade will build an RNG production facility at the site, produce RNG from landfill gas, and inject the RNG directly into its Bend distribution system.