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2022-23 Natural Gas Price Outlook

Cascade Natural Gas works diligently to secure natural gas supply for our customers at the most economical price, and we do not earn a profit from the cost of natural gas. This involves looking ahead and predicting, to the best of our ability, the future of natural gas prices. We believe natural gas prices will remain high and possibly increase over the next several months. Persistent cold weather, high electric demand – generated by natural gas, and several other factors are contributing to these increased costs.

There are several low- to no-cost measures you can take now to help reduce overall energy demand during the winter season and to offset possible increased costs.

  • Lower your thermostat
  • Turn down your water heater
  • Check your home for air leaks around windows and doors and seal leaks with caulk or weather stripping
  • Replace dirty furnace filters
  • Get more energy saving tips here.

Your safety is our number one priority. Please don’t set your thermostat to a temperature that is too low and unsafe for you and your family, and do not use outdoor heaters indoors, such as propane heaters. Also, don’t attempt to heat your home with a gas oven, stove, or grill.

In addition to many cost saving measures, you can also find energy assistance information on our website. If you need assistance to maintain a comfortable home, please click here for information on the many bill assistance options for our customers.