Your gas meter needs our attention

When your gas meter is read, Cascade Natural Gas uses a method called AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) that remotely reads your gas meter from a mobile meter-reading vehicle. A device located on your meter called an ERT (encoder receiver transmitter) is used for this process and needs an upgrade soon. This will require us to access your meter for this exchange.

How does AMR work?

AMR systems involve attaching a small device (ERT) to the meter to record consumption, encode the information, and then transmit the information to remote data collectors using a low-level radio frequency.

What is an ERT?

ERT is an acronym for Encoder Receiver Transmitter, a device that fits behind the faceplate of a standard gas meter. An ERT is a computerized measuring and encoding device with a built-in radio transmitter. The ERT records usage, encodes the information, and then transmits the information to a data collection device using a low-level radio frequency. Once installed, our meter readers will simply drive down your street to read your meter electronically, rather than having to come into your yard to read it. Safer, faster, more accurate – it’s a win-win situation!

Why does the ERT need to be exchanged on my meter?

There are several reasons we are exchanging the ERT. The current ERT is more than 10 years old and in order to maintain our equipment with the advanced technology provided to our system, we are replacing the ERT’s with a newer model. This will ensure that we continue to provide accurate reads throughout our system, and will offer a stronger signal to facilitate an easier read. The battery life will last longer on the newer version, which will avoid unnecessary problems.

Who will be installing the new ERT’s in my neighborhood?

Trained subcontractors from Southern Cross will be working on behalf of Cascade Natural Gas. These representatives will be wearing badges for identification purposes with this logo:

What is involved in exchanging the ERT?

The subcontractors will go directly to your gas meter to do this simple hardware exchange. Installation is free and should take less than 15 minutes without any interruption to your gas service. Please help the subcontractor gain safe and easy access to your gas meter by making sure all debris is clear around the meter. We need at least two feet of clearance around the meter to provide visibility and access for routine work and in case of an emergency.

When will the new ERTs be installed in my neighborhood?

We will be installing ERTs throughout our service territory over the next year. Cascade Natural Gas will let you know when we will be working in your area through a bill stuffer. A list of locations being worked are also listed below:


Locations being worked:


  • February – April: Pendleton


  • February – September: Mount Vernon, Kennewick, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Anacortes, Burlington, Laconner, Pasco, Finley, Bow, Marysville, Burbank, Richland, Oak Harbor, Quincy, Moses Lake, Wheeler, Othello, Sedro Woolley, College Place, Arlington, Stanwood, Camano Island, West Richland, Elma, McCleary, Montesano, Hoquiam, Allyn, Belfair, Shelton, Aberdeen, Castle Rock, Kelso, Longview, Kalama, Woodland

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