Emergency Information

24-hour emergency contact number: (888) 522-1130

If the odor of escaping gas is strong inside or outside your home, if the flow of gas from broken or disconnected gas lines can be heard, or if you see a broken line, follow these steps:

  • Evacuate everyone.
  • Don't operate any electrical switches. Sparking could ignite the gas.
  • Don't light matches.
  • Turn off the gas valve located at the gas meter with a wrench or other suitable tool.
  • If the leaking gas ignites, don't try to put out the flames.
  • From a phone outside your home and away from the gas leak, call the fire department at 911; then call us at the following toll-free emergency number. Don't use the phone in your house! Even tiny sparks can ignite gas vapors.

Please note: Billing information is available Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, at 1-888-522-1130.