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Commercial and Industrial Rebate Application

Commercial & Industrial Rebate Application
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Please have your Cascade account number and product invoices handy. Invoices can be uploaded with this form or faxed separately to 877-671-2998. If you have any questions you may call us at 866-450-0005.

Energy Savings Kits

Cascade is pleased to offer free energy savings kits for our Commercial and Industrial Customers who heat their water using natural gas. Click for a PDF application, or call 866-450-0005 with any questions.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • New or existing commercial or industrial customer of Cascade Natural Gas Corporation (CNGC) on one of five qualifying rate schedules: 504, 505, 511, 570 or 577.
  • Customers installing space heating equipment or insulation in buildings using natural gas as the primary heat source.
  • Customers installing qualified high-efficiency natural gas equipment such as heating, water heating systems and cooking equipment installed as replacement, retrofit or new installation in place of standard efficiency equipment. If the equipment installation, replacement, or retrofit provides significant increase over existing high-efficiency equipment, please contact program representative for potential custom incentive.
  • Customers installing insulation measures in an existing building heated by natural gas, without functional insulation.
  • Customers installing measures that coincide with the current CNGC tariff.
  • Customers who have submitted estimated cost, project details and/or natural gas savings with a site specific (custom) project. (Natural gas savings are to be calculated using standard engineering practices. CNGC will review the natural gas savings calculations, and reserves the right to modify energy savings estimates.)

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