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If these FAQs don’t answer your questions, please contact the Cascade Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Department:

What is the Home Energy Report program?

The Home Energy Report program provides selected participants with periodic reports over the course of the year. The Home Energy Reports contain:
– information about energy consumption
– usage comparisons with previous months
– personalized tips to reduce energy use along with estimations of potential savings

Home Energy Reports are available to selected participants at no additional cost and are designed to help customers reduce their energy use and costs. The Home Energy Report program is part of CNGCs commitment to operate efficiently to meet the needs of our current customers and future generations.

Why am I receiving a Home Energy Report?

Your account was one of 9,000 randomly selected from our service territory to receive a Home Energy Report.

What if I do not want to receive a Home Energy Report?

If you no longer wish to receive a Home Energy Report, simply opt out of the program by using the opt-out link at the bottom of the emails you receive with the link to your Home Energy Report. If you receive your Home Energy Report in the mail, then call 866-626-4479 to request to be removed from the program.

What is the cost to participate in the Home Energy Report program?

Participation in the program is available at no additional cost to you.

Can anyone request to sign up for the Home Energy Report program?

At this time, enrollment in the Home Energy Report program is closed. We may open enrollment in the future, at which time customers may receive information on how they can sign up.

How many Home Energy Reports will I receive?

You will receive a total of six reports over a 12-month period. Reports are generated and sent every 2 months. CNCG reserves the right to extend or cancel the Home Energy Report program at any time.

Why are my name, address, or other personal information shown incorrectly on my Home Energy Report?

The personal information shown on your Home Energy Report comes directly from your account with CNGC – if this information is incorrect, please contact 888-522-1130 to update your information.

I am in the process of moving or changing my service address. Will I continue to receive a Home Energy Report after I move?

Typically, Home Energy Report reports will not continue after you change your service address or move to a new location. This is because we typically do not have enough information about your energy usage at the new location to make accurate recommendations about usage and savings potential.

Where is the information shown on my Home Energy Report coming from?

Some of the information on your Home Energy Report comes directly from your CNGC billing information.  Other information is calculated using weather data and publicly available information about your building which is run through computer simulations to estimate your potential savings and provide personalized tips. Estimated savings are not a guarantee of actual results.  Before working with contractors or spending money on costly improvements, we recommend getting three bids.

How is my information kept confidential?

CNGC follows strict information security protocols and requires the same of our partners and vendors. Your information is stored and shared with you securely. Your information is never sold or shared with other CNGC customers.

How can I learn more about saving energy? Are there other programs available through CNGC?

You can learn more by talking with our Energy Efficiency team. You can call 866-626-4479 or email them at [email protected].

I have questions about the energy saving tips and/or energy efficiency information included in my Home Energy Report. What should I do?

If you have questions about the tips or efficiency information in your Home Energy Report, you can contact our Energy Efficiency team by calling 866-626-4479 or emailing them at [email protected].

Do Home Energy Reports address all my energy use?

The Home Energy Reports provided by CNGC address your natural gas usage and savings opportunities. In some cases, the tips and recommendations in your Home Energy Report will help you use electricity (and/or other forms of energy) more efficiently. However, CNGC only has access to information about your natural gas usage.

My situation is unique, how does the Home Energy Report account for this?

Many people have unique aspects to their energy usage patterns; for example, customers may work from home, have renewable energy generation on site, or use their home as a rental property. Home Energy Reports try to account for these unique situations by comparing your building’s recent energy usage to your own historical bills in conjunction with weather patterns and building characteristics.

Does this Home Energy Report compare me to my neighbors?

No, our Home Energy Reports compare your building’s recent energy usage to your own historical bills in conjunction with weather patterns and building characteristics.

Why are my CNGC bills so high?

Customers can experience high energy bills for a variety of reasons. If you believe that your usage is high because of a problem or error with your natural gas service, please contact CNGC Customer Service at 888-522-1130.

Is the Home Energy Report I received a bill?

No, Home Energy Reports are not a billing substitute or replacement. You will continue to receive your regular bills from CNGC through your preferred means while you are enrolled in the Home Energy Report program.

I want to change how I receive my Home Energy Report. Is this possible?

You can receive your Home Energy Reports via mail or email. Mailed reports are sent to the mailing address we have on file for you, and emailed reports are sent to the email address associated with your account. (Visit customer.cngc.com and login to opt-in for account notifications via email.) If you would like to update your mailing address or email address, or change how you receive your Home Energy Report, please contact us at 888-522-1130.

How do I know if I am saving energy?

Home Energy Reports help you understand if your energy use is reducing by comparing your current usage to the same time in previous years. You may also notice your usage and costs decreasing as you try to implement the personalized tips provided in your Home Energy Report. Remember that some tips help you save small amounts of energy that can add up to meaningful savings over time; while other tips help you save energy at certain times of the year, such as during the heating season.

What is the carbon emissions savings?

Cascade regularly measures emissions in metric tons.  The Home Energy Report calculates a conversion from metric tons to kilograms of CO2 to provide a better benchmark at an individual customer level and represent customer cost savings when they take steps to minimize waste by being efficient in their energy usage.